Perpetual Metamorphosis

Perpetual Metamorphosis

Ruth Sergel

An interactive cabinet of wonders created from the collections of the University of Hamburg 

See … Panofsky’s Mirror 
Touch … Objects of Knowledge 
Listen … Lunascope
Move … You are everything you need

Artist Statement

A university is a place of becoming. The collections reveal our constant attempt at understanding; a plant in the Botanical garden is represented in a period painting, captured in a glass plate negative, dried and pressed, inspected by microscope, 3D scanned. The same object, but multiple ways of knowing it.

What are we trying to discover?

Immerwährende Verwandlung is not a choronological account of 100 years but a story of the work of becoming. Through action – see, touch, listen, move – we explore possible selves. Nothing is permanent. We can be kind one moment, terrible the next. It is the work of our lives. The university provides a home for us to be as passionate and intelligent as we actually are. To revel in the risk and exhiliration of that exploration.

For more on Ruth’s work please visit: www.streetpictures.org